Monday, May 14, 2012

To be easily influenced...

I am a person who is easily influenced. I tend to think that I am not, but as I sit here and ponder the recent activities of my day, I have things to share. I find that I am most easily led to doubt my actions most often while driving.
To begin, I am a person who enjoys being helpful to my nearly blind grandmother and being her chauffeur running her around town to various appointments and locations. I myself am a person who runs myself around to various appointments and locations. I get very confused in keeping all these places and locations straight in my head. I also greatly lack directional skills.
Today, I was to bring my grandmother to her chiropractor appointment. I very confidently had the office location in my head, and as we left our first location for the day, I navigated my way through the neighborhood to the chiropractor appointment. My grandmother was even helpful in providing the details of a new route to take to our location. When I positively arrived at our intended destination, my grandmother squinted her eyes and looked at me, and asked why I had brought her the dentist office. I then immediately realized my error, and then quickly panicked as to how I was going to get from the dentist office to the chiropractor office. Where the hell was I located in proximity to the chiropractor office? I then set out on my way, now with no confindence, as my grandmother continued to squint her eyes to determine our whereabouts, being of no help in providing guidance.  She told me that the chriopracter office was down the road past Zane Street. As we approached Zane, she made a frantic motion with her arm that I needed to take a right on the street we were passing, which was Zane. I did a little jerk of the wheel, promptly cut someone off, without the use of my blinker, and took a right on Zane. I then expressed my confusion as to why I was turning on Zane, when I was suppose to have gone past it. My grandmother then said, "Oh yes, you need to turn around, and keep going down Brooklyn Blvd." So I made a right on the very next right, and then flipped a U'y in the parking lot to my left, and then went to make a left back on Zane to get back to the Brooklyn Blvd. As I am making the left, my grandmother tells me that I need to make a right (back onto Zane), in which I would then have been continuing on in the same wrong direction. (although I do recall a time my brother was in the car with me, and I was headed east down the road, and then felt I was going the wrong direction, and flipped a U'y in the parking lot, only to turn and continue going east again)
So we get back to Brooklyn Blvd, and my grandmother continues to think I have made a terrible error and yet I am recognizing the area as being very near to where we need to end our adventure. So now I am gaining confidence as my grandmother is losing hers. I then recognize the place we need to be while my grandmother makes two urgent requests for me to turn into office building parking lots prior to our destination, insisting that is it right there. Needless to say with a fair amount of frustrations on both our parts we arrived for her appointment with 15 minutes to spare.
And so this lengthy story got me thinking, to the times that a passenger is in my car and how easily they can be confused; I can be confident yet, I make sudden lefts, when I know it should be a right, and I cut off people, change lanes, and make a complete fool of myself when a passenger is in the car trying with confusion to aid me in my navigation to a location.
I have been driving down a one way before, and suddenly will take note that I am driving in the left lane, while everyone else for the past mile has been driving only in the right. I then panic and think "Oh no, this is a two way, not a one way, and I'm driving into oncoming traffic!" Then I look at the dotted white lines, and the street sign as I pass through the intersection, and realize that it simply a coincidence everyone is only driving in the right lane, and indeed I am on a one-way."
I have easily stopped behind a stopped car and patiently waited, only to realize that the light is green and that the driver in front of me has not realized this, and is in their own world as well, stopped at a green light. I have sat at stop signs as well waiting for the "green light."
I have to think very hard when I need to take a highway going either east or west; I quite often panic as I approach the first exit to go one direction, and I say over and over with great urgency, east or west, east or west, which one am I suppose to take?!? And this is when I am going to places I have been many times before. Never once have I orientated myself with accordance to the moon or the sun in the sky.
Many times after a particularly lengthy lost session through the city, I wish that I could watch my car on a satellite image as a little marked dot on the map, and my location marked with an arrow, and see just how terribly close or far I came to my location, and how I most likely kept taking turn after turn in the wrong direction, but somehow amazingly in the lengthiest way possible made it to where I needed to be. I think it could be a movie that people pay to watch and laugh hysterically at as they see the dot of where I am to be, and watch again as I approach an intersection, as I hesitate, (they start shouting at their TV, take a left, take a left) and they groan as I make a sudden jerk of my wheel and take a right! 
Yet I do so well navigating in very efficient manner around the grocery store, seldom needing to backtrack for an item, and never referring to the signs above the aisles. Hmmmm.