Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspirational Facebook Posts

Facebook posts I wrote long ago that inspired someone to say Girl! Start a Blog!  

So here's a tribute to myself!

Go Me!

  A Facebook friend you and I became. Messages exchanged with stories at the start. And then the messages came no more. A chance is taken with each post on the rejection of “no reply.” Some people occasionally respond with a “kickback” response on your wall, instead of taking the time to make a call to express care or concern. Some people accumulate friends as if they are sticky gummy treats, and sticky gummy post they post that feed today’s individual souls. Pictures are posted that show good times, and a simple 100 Happy Birthday posts are posted your wall for your B-day, without thought of an original post. Chit, chat; let’s chat and take away the need to compose a full sentence. And now our posts are not even thoughts, but updates of your whereabouts for all to know. And so we empty out less of ourselves, and more about our locations of where we have been and where we are at. If only we could share the whereabouts of where our hearts have been and where our hearts are at. Time is not what if once was, and neither is the human connection of a many spoken word.

So a little over two years ago, I recall always posting what I thought were creative posts to my Facebook page. And I recall being frustrated at the limitations of the 100 or so characters you had to maintain to post something. Then someone suggested that I start a blog to add length to my creative thought. And for those of you that read my blog... oh what great length I have added. I no longer even try to post creative thought on Facebook. Facebook updates for me are old news, something of yesterday.  

And so I am going to post some of my old posts on Facebook, just so you can all have fond recollections of when I used to post things on my page! 


  • Oh, but I care about you a little more then the others, you’re not the average ordinary… You look good and have some personality. Oh the loss of you will be felt, as one without the other simply does not work. (a lost black floral sock)

  • I would like to occupy that empty space; however I sense your movement, your sudden movement to propel yourself ahead, to gain access to that void before me. You move forward as I slow down my pace, and somehow we don’t collide as we come to fill the same space together. And onward we continue to our destinations. (two cars coming to merge into the same lane)

  • Every day I set out to maneuver around you, as your gaping holes of emptiness are of an inconvenience to me. And so it goes, my expectations of you potentially ruining my day, if I should run across you. But today (at least there) you were fixed, and it made my day! And perhaps tomorrow; there, you will be fixed. (potholes getting repaired)

  • I feel you might snap at any moment, give way, part ways… You rumble as we go along, and oh how you shudder when action is required of you. It seems I can not ignore your protests any longer, but that I must fix you… or else you will surely abandon me on the side of the road. (my broken wheel)

  • I didn’t check you out yesterday, but today when I did; you hadn’t bothered to come anyway. No “mail” love, but “mail” love is never any good anyway.

  • I think that it is your way of telling me you given up, that you lived the good life, that you’ve given me your all. You keep tripping me up and coming undone. I put you together at the start of the day, and then undone you come over and over as the day continues. But your attachment to your sole purpose creates a problem I will just have to deal with. (shoelace on my shoe coming undone always)

  • Yes, I push your buttons all the time, just because you are the first in line; yet I cringe each time you rush up and volunteer to assist me to bring me to where I need to go. I quickly push their buttons and hope one volunteers, as they are much faster at doing what you do. You are slow and quite often smell. (the big freight elevator vs the 3 smaller freight elevators at work)

Poems about random people

    • When I see someone at the gym going really fast on some cardio equipment, I don’t think “Wow, that’s awesome!” I think instead, “Whoa, Whoa, no need to for such excitement, you can go ahead and calm the fuck down, no really calm down.”  

    •  She said “Here’s your ‘creamer,” when I had asked for a “steamer.” So I thought I was drinking steamed cream, and not steamed milk, and I was to shy to say “Excuse me, did you say Steam or Cream?” Thanks a lot barista lady for ruining my drink for the day by placing preconceived notions in my head, as I refuse to drink Steamed Cream.
    •  Dear Mom, I love that I can text, and that you text me back! However, LOL, does not mean “love you a lot,” it means “laugh out loud.” And if you were laughing out loud for the text I sent you, well we need to talk.
    • To the new personal trainer I decided to try out today: sure holding hands is great, but not when you are making me balance on bosu ball and do squats when my legs are shaking uncontrollably, and I am completely relying on our hand holding to keep me upright! Just made me soo not be into you. I don’t want to see you ever again.