Monday, March 5, 2012

Of Wherabouts and Roundabouts

Wow. It’s been a while. Whereabouts have I been since I last wrote a blog. Well the people of which I spoke of in my last blog have departed the company of our company, and now are in the company of other companies and company. And mostly I feel this is a good thing because meeting new people always gives you good stories to tell, but mostly if only these new people come with an assortment of people who don’t have boundaries. I am a person without boundaries, and mostly I feel people say in their head, of those who hear me speak, think “Wow, did she really just share that?!?” but then they follow it up with that “in your head” smile you only smile when someone has shared something embarrassing, and then someone on a radio show will think, let’s ask the audience who has a great story to tell about someone who doesn’t have boundaries. And mostly people will call in and say they had a co-worker tell them about their hemorrhoids and how much they bleed and hurt, and there really won’t be any good stories. But come on people, turn on your TV’s. If I’m not doing it (not having boundaries), some actors are acting it out. Then again their getting paid and I’m not.
So one time I had this older guy named art who admired me. He would come into my fast place of work, and pretend to read a newspaper, all the while peeking over the top of his newspaper at me. Well, me, being a person who is of a great deal of interest, doesn’t generally notice when someone is noticing me. Co-workers would point out art admiring my details. Well I wasn’t very flattered, as this art, was kind of bland and lacked fine lines. Well one day art came up to the counter and dared to get my attention, and slid a folded up letter across the way to me. Well being full of secrets myself, I waited until the end of my shift to read this “letter.” I don’t remember too much of it, really only one thing in general; he was indicating he was in love with me, that he had a fireplace, and he would like me to be present sometime to sit in front of the fireplace with him on any given cold winter day, preferably with the snow falling gently down; (yet in a little bit of a hurry) to fill up the ground and overflow, and cause me to be snowed in with him. Picture perfect art. Well I was a young adult at this time, not quite right with the ways of the world and I once sat and talked to art after work, and he came to know of the vehicle I drove and he saw me drive by him one day (an unknown error on my part) and art followed me to my residence, and knocked on my door. Imagine my horror when a knock on the door was met with awful art being just on the other side. So I moved to another state. And now I only have art on my walls, but actually sitting on my floor, as I am too lazy to hang it up.
And just yesterday, the alignment of the planets must have been slightly off, because as I was leaving work, I came across someone backing up, a fair ways, on a one way street. But to continue, as I was driving down the highway, someone, who had to have been distracted, took a nice nosedive off of the exit ramp and was facing backwards into traffic at the bottom of the hill. And then just a little ways up, a patrol car was slowing creeping along behind a guy who was stumbling along the highway. His whereabouts seemed questionable and he was nowhere near any roundabouts of the sort that might indicate his confused state of mind. Needless to say I made it home without incident although I thought for certain all these were signs that my car and I were doomed for some terrible adventure of remodeling of some sort.
Small side note: I am a cautious optimistic, very cautious similar to the way one is cautious about lighting a candle in a place that smells like rotten eggs, and that has a gas burning stove, (on).
And I remember with great detail how I so loved the idea of the ecosystem when I was first introduced to it in Science class. The Science teacher told me that because of the ecosystem, all things; microorganisms, bugs of all sorts, rodents, lions, mountain goats, and the birds high in the sky all belonged together and completed one another. What a fantastic story! The story was complete with this wonderful illustration in the book that showed a beautiful forest picture with this roundabout circle coming out of the earth and around all the way up to the sky and back down to the ground, and decorated with pretty pictures of different creatures. The eagle at the top really did it for me. I try to tell myself this story each time I come across a spider in my place of residence. But most recently, in the last decade, I came across these horrible awful bugs called House centipedes. And much to my great dissatisfaction, when I tried to Google what this bug could possibly be, after my first encounter, (of it being in a glass in which I tried to drink water), I was most discouraged at this creatures general whereabouts, as they were calling it a HOUSE centipede. What part of the damn ecosystem does this creature have to do with? Ok so it eats bugs, but I can think of a few other more pleasant bugs which eat bugs. And now my house is part of the ecosystem?!? That wasn’t part of the illustration! To continue, I can think of about a 1,000 more creatures that the ecosystem would do just fine without.
Well to my faithful followers, (you know who you are; me not so much as no one leave comments) this is actually a blog which I find to be short on creative ideas; and…I find myself departing. I feel most certain there is still more positive to occur today. I am after all going to return once again to my bed for the 3rd time this week, given that I consider the start of the week to be Saturday, and my bed is a wonderful place to find sleep at.

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