Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivation Monday

I've decided I will post on Monday's any quotes I have come up with up with for motivation, or famous quotes I really connect with to post. Today I will share some of what I recently came up with. It's good to start out Monday with motivation! If anyone has a good quote they would like to post as a comment, please do!

~ Having moments of self realization is amazing, of discovery of the reason as to why a behavior or thought might exist, and then deciding to do something about it.~ 

~ Bad habits hold us back, keep us held captive in their reality, and distort our perception of what self comfort really means. Self comfort should be something to be cherished, something that breaths new life in us, refreshes you, and leads to a happy life! ~ 

~ Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, with holding yourself to a high standard of discipline and self control.~

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