Monday, August 29, 2011

Of love and such things

This a poem I wrote many years ago, that I had forgotten all about. And while I can remember the relationship that I was in at the time I wrote it, I don't quite understand where this poem came from, of what circumstances in the relationship, brought these words forth. Funny when you come across old letters or poems you wrote in response to the person you were dating.

Rushing in,
The water,
Tumbling down the broken stairs,
Swirling around my feet,
And you are there.
I can taste your hurried footsteps,
Beneath my toes.
Walking down the long watery corridors,
I open doors and shut doors,
Red and black doors,
Like those of the child’s checkerboard.
And you are there.
I can hear your fearful scent drifting
In and among the dark, dark rooms.
Sitting in my soggy chair, in the living room,
Feeling your shortness of breath,
As you run through the sloshy hallways,
Searching for a way out,
Of my watery grave.
Playing with my blue rubber ducky,
In the yellow waters of my attic,
Smelling your drowning as you sink,
Beneath the depths of the ankle deep water.
Smiling as I let the tub water run hot,
Burning my hands,
Seeing your flesh cold beneath my fingers,
And knowing that you are there.
Here in my dreams,
My deep dark watery dreams.

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